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Arrowquip Q-Catch 74 Squeeze Chute

Arrowquip Q-Catch 74 Squeeze Chute

The Q-Catch 74 Series squeeze chute is the easiest way to boost your operation’s efficiency. With quality features inspired by the world famous 600 Series chutes for cattle, the Q-Catch 74 Series squeeze chute gives you practicality and efficient engineering combined. Complete with the same patented auto-locking mechanisms, full access points, and user-friendly features, this manual squeeze chute has earned its place in the Q-Catch family.

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3E Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate
With a design that works with cattle psychology, the NEW 3E Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate makes it even easier for cattle to enter the squeeze chute. Even when the head gate is closed, the new design uses light to draw cattle into the chute, greatly improving flow.

Superior Access
With the NEW needle door, top and bottom side access doors, removable access panels, and a full-size vet cage, the Q-Catch 74 Series gives you all the access points you need to work your cattle.
Cattle Chute Floor
The metal-stamped ribbed floor provides great traction for hooves, giving cattle the confidence to walk through the squeeze chute with ease. Comes with slots for drainage and easy cleaning.

Longest Squeeze Chute Warranty EVER Offered
For added security and ease, the Q-Catch 74 Series squeeze chute comes with the only 7-year No Bull warranty offered in the industry, along with a lifetime guarantee on the patented friction locks and rump fingers.

The Q-Catch 74 Series Squeeze Chute is the easiest way to improve your ranch.
This chute is 29.5" wide on the inside.
Going down to just 7.75" when fully squeezed down.
Complete top side access on both sides of the chute.
Top and bottom side access open up giving you the complete access.
Side access panels can be fully removed or manipulated to suite your needs.
Out top access gates give you easy and complete top access.
Full parallel squeeze, excluding the vet cage.
Complete with our renowned off side rolling door at the back
Our vet cage fully swings inward and outward.
Make your squeeze chute portable with our cattle chute trailer.
Needle access gate swings out for ease of use.
Our new delrin rollers keep the head gate operating with ease.
World renowned Q-Catch system lets you operate the head gate anywhere alongside the chute.
You can situate the Q-Catch head gate handle anywhere to suite your needs.
Complete with our signature rolling door
Cattle go through calmly with our 3E head gate
Our new Direct Drive system gives you even more control
Our new sheeted sternum bar eliminates tripping hazards
Our new patented steel floor keeps your cattle from slipping
The single row of rump fingers will keep cattle from backing up
The patented needle access gives you all the room you need
The needle access bar simply drops down and out of the way.
Using light, our 3E head gate guides your cattle into the squeeze chute.
New Fly Nut allows you to lock the Q-Catch Head Gate handling into place, giving you even more control.
Cattle calmly walk into the squeeze chute with our 3E head gate
Q-Catch 74 Series keeps things calm and easy.
Our needle access gives you all the room you'll ever need.
Easily work the rolling door and the head gate from one spot.
You'll never need to adjust the squeeze. Simply pull back to squeeze any sized animal.
Easy to use access gates ensure that you have all the room you need.
The easiest way to improving your ranch.
Our vet cage gives you full access to the rear of the cattle.
Add our patented head holder for ultimate control.


Second Generation Cattle Head Holder
The head holder clamps around the cattle’s neck to hold the head immobile, allowing the rancher safe, up-close access. Featuring single lever push-pull operation and never requiring adjustments, the cattle head holder simplifies any procedure necessary.
Cattle Chute Trailer
Designed specifically for Arrowquip squeeze chutes, the yoke-style design makes the trailer easy to maneuver. With your choice of a ball or pin hitch, and a high-quality winch to load your chute easily, the chute trailer makes moving your cattle chute a simple task.
Sheeted Sternum Bar
The sternum bar is intended to keep cattle from going down in the squeeze chute, and is easily installed and removed with just two bolts.

Q-Catch 74 StandardDeluxe Vet
Weight1680 lbs1900 lbs