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Arrowquip Q-Power 106 Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

Arrowquip Q-Power 106 Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

The Q-Power 106 Series hydraulic squeeze cattle chute is designed for increased productivity in the cow-calf operation. The redesigned Q-Power 106 Series features a full parallel squeeze and offers unrivaled access to the animal, simplifying any procedure necessary. Emerging from the most innovative range of Arrowquip products, the Q-Power 106 Series has been extensively researched and designed to ensure that you have the right equipment for your ranch to operate at maximum efficiency.

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  • Curtain-style straight doors so that the animal does not choke when going down.
  • Easy maintenance free, molded rubber removable flooring.
  • Removable front end access on the front of squeeze frame.
  • Poly bushings on pivot and latch point for quieter operation.
  • Squeeze is 29 1/2" when fully open and down to 7 3/4" when fully closed.
  • Poly bushings on pivot and latch points for quieter operation.
  • Side access 1 1/2 inches lower for improved access for branding.
  • Head gate opens a full 30" top to bottom.
  • Weight: 2375 lbs


Square Tubular Panels
All Arrowquip's products have been built with square tubular panels that have smooth surfaces to prevent the cattle from injury or bruising.

Pivot and Latch Points
Arrowquip's Portable86 Series cattle squeeze chute has poly bushings on the pivot and latch points for quieter operation and to prevent the distractions with the animal. Because cattle are sensitive to noise, Arrowquip has designed this cattle chute to be a silent operation so that it’s easier for the handler to handle the animals safe and efficiently.

Arrowquip's Hydraulic working cattle equipment are made for quiet and efficient cattle handling operation. Becuase cattle are very distracted by the hissing and high pitch noises from the hydraulics, Arrowquip has designed the chute so that the loud noises are reduced to keep cattle calm and make for easier cattle handling.

Powder Coated
All Arrowquip's Series of products are powder coated for durability.The coating quality becomes more resistant to moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other extreme weather conditions. In turn, this reduces the risk of scratches, abrasions, corrosion, fading and other wear issues.


Hydraulic Head Sweep
This simple, gentle and effective option will hold the animal’s head in place with ease.

5HP Gas Power Pack
Equipped with a 5HP Honda gas engine. Gas motor and hydraulic oil tank are all mounted on a support frame. A popular option where no electrical power source is readily available.

Hydraulic Lift Option
The HYDHP hydraulic lift option takes all the effort out of the portable set up on the HYD-2000V hydraulic chute. Three hydraulic powered jacks raise and lower the chute; these are controlled by levers on the swing arm. The hitch and wheels can then be quickly removed or installed keeping the setup time to a minimum.

5HP Electric Power Pack
Comes standard with a 220V 5HP motor for reliable and consistent performance. The in-line filter protects your pump and makes the maintenancea simple job. The 10-gallon fully-welded tank comes with a sight glass and breathable filler cap.

Tractor Hook-Up
The track hook-up enables you to power the chute from the hydraulics on a tractor, skid loader or any other hydraulic equipment. Comes with a flow control so that you can set the hydraulic flow at a safe level.