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Art's-Way Cattle Max Roller Mill

  • 105 Bu. Tank with 20" Roller Mill or 165 Bu. Tank with 30" Roller Mill
  • 5, 7 or 10 Groove Flat or Sharp Rolls
  • Consistent Cattle Ration Processing
  • Roll Feed Differential - 1:1 or 1:1.12
  • Easy Set Eccentric Roll Gap Adjustment
  • The Art's Way Cattle Maxx produces superior rolled feed, delivered in the consistent, quality ration mix that beef and dairy operations require. This powerful roller mill is available in capacities of 105 or 165 bushels, and features a heavy-duty 20" rollermill on our model 5105 and a heavy-duty 30" roller mill on the model 5165. Each offers a 10-inches in diameter roll, with either 5, 7 or 10 grooves. Eccentric roller adjustment maintains accurate spacing, and magnets installed in the mill's hopper side and throat collect tramp metal, minimizing damage and increasing longevity. Whether you choose a flat groove roll (to ensure proper grain crimping or cracking) or sharp groove roll (to increase mill capacity while achieving desired micron particle sizes), this low-horsepower roller mill will save you money and improve the efficiency of your feed processing operation.

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    Finance Options

    Powerful magnets mounted in hopper side and throat help minimize roll damage from tramp metal
    Sharp Groove Roll
    Eccentric adjustment of rollers maintains a more accurate spacing than spring loaded rolls. Roll settings can be changed in seconds by the use of the spacing indicatorl
    Art's-Way offers flat or sharp groove roll designs. The flat groove roll insures proper grain crimping or cracking. Sharp groove rolls increase mill capacity while achieving desired micron particle size. The choice of 1:1 or 1:1.12 roll speed differential allows more cleaning action. The 1:1.12 differential provides a finer grind to your rations.
    Hydraulic lift cylinder replaces the ring and worm gear for ease of use and less maintentance
    (Mechanical lift and swing available on 5105)
    Flat Groove Roll

    Cattle Maxx 5105
    Cattle Maxx 5165
    Tank Capacity
    105 Bu.
    165 Bu.
    PTO Drive
    540 RPM
    540 RPM
    HP Requirement
    Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
    Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
    Auger Feeder Length
    Auger Feeder Auger Diameter
    Rollermill Width
    Diameter of Mixing Auger
    12" Auger / 24" Base
    12" Auger / 24" Base
    Unloading Auger Tube Diameter
    Unloading Auger Tube Length
    Unloading Auger Swing
    316° Horizontal
    316° Horizontal
    10 x 15 8pr Rib Implement
    13.5 x 16.1 8pr High Floatation
    Supplement Hopper
    21" x 24"
    21" x 24"
    Overall Height
    Overall Width with Auger Feeder
    Overall Length
    Approx. Weight with Auger Feeder
    3,540 lbs.
    4,500 lbs.
    Ground Clearance
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