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H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box

H&S HD 7+4 Forage Box
The H&S HD 7+4 Forage Box is aggressive in handling tough material and provides even feeding. All H&S forage boxes are built to last.
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Deep Stagger Beater Design

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
H&S utilizes a deep stagger beater design. The beaters turn progressively faster from top to bottom. The slow turning top beater does not pitch chunks forward, it undercuts the heap and feeds tough material down where the bottom beaters go to work delivering a smooth even flow to the cross conveyor. The cross conveyor is 22" wide and is equipped with 550 roller chain. The cross conveyor extends 12" beyond the side of the head.

3-18" 4 Har HD Spiral Type Beaters

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
H&S uses three - 18" 4 bar HD spiral type beaters - not augers. The beaters feed evenly and are aggressive in handling tough material. All three beaters are mounted in the head, not auxiliary panels in the box. Beater shafts are 1 1/4" equipped with greaseable bearings.

Optional Folding Cross Conveyor

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
An optional 12" folding cross conveyor extension is available for apron unload models.

Simple Trouble-Free Variable Speed Drive

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
A simple trouble-free variable speed drive lets you match just the right unload speed to the crop type, load condition and blower capacity. A bronze worm gear is standard. #80 drive chain drives the main apron drive shaft. The main apron drive shaft is 1 3/4" stress proof shafting. Main apron unload rate is variable and ranges from 9" up to 12' 6" per minute.

Separate Clutch

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
A separate clutch allows you to start and clear the beaters before you start the main apron conveyors. The HD clutch can be used to engage just the cross conveyor, the cross conveyor and beaters, or the cross conveyor, beaters and main floor apron in any speed.

Dual Belt Clutch

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
Shields are removed to show the dual belt clutch which is the primary drive source. The emergency stop mechanism is built into the drive unit and can be activated from the front, sides or rear of the box.

Steel-Welded Subframe

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
H&S boxes have an all steel-welded subframe.

Transport Lights Standard

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
Transport lights are standard on all H&S boxes. This is the light configuration on the front unload boxes.

Optional Front Hydraulic Drive

H&S Manufacturing HD 7+4 Forage Box
All front unload boxes have a standard PTO drive while unloading off the front. Front hydraulic drive is optional.
HD 7+4 Forage Box Specifications
Capacity with Roof
Inside Width
7' 4"
7' 4"
Inside Height
Overall Length
19' 3"
21' 3"
Overall Width
Overall Height (bolster to roof)
Main Apron Chain
667H Pintle-10,000# x 4
Cross Feed
22" wide CA550 chain with welded slats
Right or left hand discharge
Unloading Beaters
3 18" 4-bar spiral, even feed
Main Apron Drive
Variable speed drive
Unload rate from 9"/min to 12' 6"/min
Drive Sequence
H&S bronze worm gear box
80# roller chain
1 3/4" stress proof main apron drive shaft
Power Source
540 hp PTO or hydraulic drive
Emergency Stop Clutch
Transport Lights/Hold Down Kit
12" folding bunk extension