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H&S Manufacturing Power Box Rear Unload Forage Box

H&S Power Box Rear Unload Forage Box
The H&S Power Box utilizes a two-hose hydraulic system to run the main apron. The hydraulic hoses are easily stored in the holder at the front of the box. The Power Box is available with rear unload in truck mount, chasses mount or running gear models.
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Chain Reduction System

The Power Box features a chain reduction system instead of a worm gearbox for better efficiency.

Automatic Tailgate Lock and Unlock

H&S Manufacturing Power Box Rear Unload Forage Box
Once the tailgate safety lock is released, the self-locking mechanism unlocks automatically while unloading and locks shut when the tailgate closes.

Cross Z-Iron

H&S Manufacturing Power Box Rear Unload Forage Box
All industrial forage boxes feature cross Z-iron. Cross Z's are welded to the side channels inline with stakes for added strength.
Power Box Rear Unload Forage Box Specifications
Inside Width
7' 4"
7' 4"
Overall Length
19' 6"
21' 6"
Overall Width
Standard Box Overall Height
Standard Box Capacity Stuck Level
950 cu.ft.
1056 cu.ft.
Weight - Standard Box 
Main Apron Chain
667H Pintle chain std / 667X & 667XH optional
Main Apron Drive
Choice of hydraulic drive or PTO drive
Unload Speed
Unload time is dependent on tractor RPM,
hydraulic pressure and GPM
Rear Endgate
Automatic lock and unlock
H&S Recommends
4-wheel gears for use under power boxes
Rear Gate Relay