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HayBuster Balebuster 2564
(Round Bales)

Bale Processor with Blower
Making Cattle Feeding and Erosion Control Faster, Easier, and More Economical THAN EVER!
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All new design, from the frame up.

  • New, improved main frame, 3 x 6 inch tub, with improved ground clearance
  • All flat steel components are laser cut
  • 15% heavier than previous model
  • Bolt on axle spindles, with options: road tires, floatation tires, fenders, lights, and 12 inch axle extensions
  • 1000 RPM PTO protected by an overrunning clutch
  • Inline drive PTO with oil bath chain case that increases RPM of rotor by 20% (to 1200 RPMs)
  • All new fan design, wiht 2" welded fan shaft
  • Fan housing rotation by hydraulic cylinder
  • Fan spout rotation by hydraulic motor, allowing 360 degree rotation of discharge spouts
  • Redesigned fan discharge with a longer transition. 2 spouts available: Straw cannon and 3 ft curved spout
  • Electric over hydraulic controls are standard equipment. Two hydraulic outlets required
  • Improved bale chamber is longer, wider, higher, and heavier; to handle heavy bales
  • Three chain slat conveyor is heavier with center bearing support
  • 9 improved adjustable slug bars with the option of an additional 10 fixed slug bars
  • Improved HD rotor with 40 flails
  • Large access doors for shredder chamber and auger/fan transition
  • Bolt-in screens- 4 inch and 6 inch
  • Transition auger protected by automatic clutch
  • Proven HD dual stage loader
Larger Bale Chamber
In order to process heavy bales, the improved bale chamber is longer, wider, higher, and heavier.
Redefined Fan Discharge with 3' Curved or Straw Cannon
Redsigned fan discharge with longer transition. Two spouts are available, the straw cannon and the 3 ft. curved spout.
360° Hydraulic Fan Spout Rotation and Vertical Fan Rotation
The 2564 Balebuster allows 360 degree rotation of the fan discharge spout and vertical fan rotation using tractor hydraulics.
Inline Drive P.T.O. with Slip Clutch Protection
The unit is powered through the inline PTO and oil bath chain case. The chain drive increases the RPM of the rotor and drives the newly designed fan. In addition, the drive line is protected by an overruning clutch.
Easy Access HD Auger/Fan Transition
The unit proves a large access door for the auger/fan transition.
Heavy Duty Slugbar with Single Adjustment Point
The 2564 Balebuster is equipped with 9 improved, adjustable slug bars with the option of adding an additional 10 fixed slug bars.
Balebuster 2564 Specifications
Weight 6,325 lbs.
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS (Empty, Loader Fully Raised)
Width 8' 11"
Length 16' 6"
Height 10' 9"
WORKING DIMENSIONS with 1 Bale, Loader Fully Raised
Width 10' 3"
Length 16' 6"
Height w/ Curved Spout 10' 9"
WORKING DIMENSIONS with 2 Bales, Loader in Bale Transport Position
Width 10' 3"
Length 22' 7"
Height 10' 9"
Towing Arrangement - Universal Hitch, height adjustable with safety chain
Tires Road or Floatation
Bearing Type Tapered Roller
Axle Extension Optional 12"
Type Integral 2 Stage, Twin Boom Arms
Bale Tines Tubular Steel, 10° float, 4 position width
Adjustable Hydraulic Cylinder 4-1/2" x 24"
Type - 3 Roller Chains with Bolt-on Cross Slats, with Ball Bearing Center Support
Drive - Hydraulic Orbital Motor with Adjustable Flow Control
Maximum Bale Size 5-1/2' long x 6-1/2' diameter
Maximum Bale Weight 2,000 lbs
Rotor Length 78"
Rotor Diameter (Flails extended) 25-1/2"
Rotor Bearing Ball, 1-3/4"
Number of Flails 40
Flail Type Swinging / Heavy Spring Steel
Screen Type Slotted, 2 sizes available
Transfer Auger Diameter 12"
Number of Slug Bars 9 (optional: 10 additional fixed)
Slug Bars Single Point Adjustment with 5 settings
Size 44" diameter
Number of Paddles 6
Bearings 2) 1-3/4" Ball
Two hydraulic outlets required
1 set for bale conveyor (comes with flow control)
1 set with in-cab electric over hydraulics to control loader function, spout/cannon horizontal and vertical adjustment (standard equipment)
Requires 12 volt DC three pin power outlet.
Vertical Fan Housing Rotated by Hydraulic Cylinder
Horizontal Spouts rotate 360 degrees
Outlet 3' Curved Spout has an adjustable deflector
Protection Hinged breakaway with shear bolt protection
PTO Horsepower 100 to 155
PTO Type 1,000 RPM
1-3/8" in diameter shaft w/ 21 splines
Min. Hydraulic Output 8 gpm at 1500 psi
Hydraulic Remote Controls 2 Double-Acting Control Valves with Quick Coupler Outlets
Tractor Weight Must be equal or greater weight than that of a 2564 Balebuster and two bales.

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