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We have a large supply of skid loaders, compact track loaders, and telescopic loaders in stock! If you need a loader - call the South's GEHL loader headquarters - Don Allison Equipment at 800-669-6450. The Gehl skid steer loader can't be beaten for an all-around workhorse. Our compact track loaders are superb for high intensity dirt work. Gehl and Manitou telehandlers are heavy duty, versatile machines.

In Stock

Skid Loaders

We carry a large selection of Gehl skid steer loaders, featuring enhanced performance and an expanded lineup, ranging from the R105 Radial-Lift Skid Loader to the high-capacity vertical lift V400. These machines are a "must-have" for every task, whether you're a contractor, landscaper, renter, farmer, or just have a lot of work and not enough time.
Gehl Skid Loader
GEHL R105 33.1hp 1050 lbs.
GEHL R135 44.5hp 1350 lbs.
GEHL R150 44.5hp 1500 lbs.
GEHL R165 68.4hp 1650 lbs.
GEHL R190 68.4hp 1900 lbs.
GEHL R220 70.7hp 2200 lbs.
GEHL R260 70.7hp 2600 lbs.
GEHL V270 GEN:2 70.7hp 2700 lbs.
GEHL V330 GEN:2 70.7hp 3300 lbs.
GEHL V420 120hp 4200 lbs.

Telescopic Loaders

If you want a high performance telescopic loader, call us. Only Gehl and Manitou can get this level of performance out of a compact machine. Manitou has an extensive selection of telehandlers with lift heights up to 48 feet.
Manitou Truck Mounted Forklifts
Vertical Masted Forklifts
Manitou K-D Hawk 6000 lbs.

Track Loaders

Gehl Track Loaders
68.4 hp
4715 lbs.
GEHL RT175 Gen:3
68.4 hp
5000 lbs.
GEHL RT210 Gen:3
70.7 hp
6000 lbs.
GEHL RT250 Gen:3
74.3 hp
7143 lbs.
114 hp
9143 lbs.