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Acme Buckaroo

Acme Buckaroo Cattle Chute

The Buckaroo is designed for the descriminating cattle producer who has an operation that doesn’t require all the "bells and whistles" offered on our Lariat chute yet needs a heavy duty piece of equipment that offers protection for themselves and their cattle. At 1750 pounds, the Buckaroo weighs substantially more than many chutes in this category at an affordable price point.

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  • Manual
  • Sliding handle stop to limit travel on release handle when needed
  • Comes as a Stationary unit but there is a simple and economical portable kit available
  • Parallel squeeze down to under 10"
  • Over 40 grease fittings to insure superior lubrication and longevity
  • Easy operating shot doors for full neck access on the fly
  • Slotted rear sliding door to keep cattle moving forward
  • Right handed access doors on each side
  • Rump bar to prevent cattle from backing in up the chute
  • Hooks on each side to hang dewormers and other herd health items
  • Capability to add a head immobilizer if desired