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Acme Lariat HD

Acme Lariat HD Cattle Chute

Acme's Lariat with a hydrulic unit, this lets you have all the benefits you'd get with just the Lariat, as well as the mobility of a full hydrulic unit.

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  • Hydraulic
  • Comes as a Stationary unit but there is a simple and economical portable kit available
  • Parallel squeeze down to under 10"
  • Over 40 grease fittings to insure superior lubrication and longevity
  • Easy operating shot doors for full neck access on the fly
  • Head Immobilizer, Brisket Bar and Rotating Flank bar are standard equipment
  • Head immobilizer has a safety lock
  • Sliding handle stop to limit travel on release handle when needed
  • Solid front and slotted rear floor for great traction and self cleaning while working your herd
  • Slotted rear sliding door to keep cattle moving forward
  • Right handed access doors on each side
  • Rump bar for both cattle and calves
  • Hooks on each side to hang dewormers and other herd health items