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Acme Rancher

Acme Rancher Cattle Chute

The Rancher is a portable chute and 8' adjustable alley all built on one solid base. With the Lariat chute as the base and an equally powerful and functional 8' adjustable alley. The alley is can be configured both parallel and V shaped depending on the operators needs at the moment.

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  • Comes as a Portable unit but many choose to set it up permanently
  • Manual
  • Parallel squeeze on the chute down to under 10". 17" on the alley
  • 2 sliding doors. One on the chute. One on the alley.
  • Weigh equipment can easily be suspended in the alley portion
  • Over 40 grease fittings to insure superior lubrication and longevity
  • Easy operating shot doors for full neck access on the fly
  • Head Immobilizer, Brisket Bar and Rotating Flank bar are standard equipment
  • Head immobilizer has a safety lock
  • Sliding handle stop to limit travel on release handle when needed
  • Solid front and slotted rear floor for great traction and self cleaning while working your herd
  • Slotted rear sliding doors on both the chute and alley to keep cattle moving forward
  • Solid walls on the alley. Front wall shorter to allow easy application of pour on treatment or shots
  • Right handed access doors on each side
  • Rump bar for both cattle and calves
  • Hooks on each side to hang dewormers and other herd health items