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MC90 90 Gallon 3PT Tank with BXT24 Boom, PRO22 Spray Gun & RP-600 Pump

Ag Spray 90 gallon Sprayer
The AG Spray 5303653-BLU 90 Gallon MC 1 Series 3-Point Sprayer maximizes your tractor's carrying capacity and comes ready to go to the field. The heavy duty MC90BXT24-22PS-BLU 3 point sprayer is designed to be CAT 1 compatible while carrying the fluid load closer to the tractor allowing more capacity and greater stability. The 6-roller PTO pump has a combination quick coupler to easily connect to the tractor PTO shaft. The BXT Series Boom covers up to 32' with Boom X-Tender nozzles designed to reduce drift and promote spray penetration. This "boomless" 2 nozzle configuration eliminates the wear and tear of a traditional boom, while still allowing the operator to cover a wide swath. Two section controls are conveniently placed making access easy from the tractor seat allowing the operator to spray 16’ left or 16’ right or the full 32’. Spot or fence line spraying can be done from the tractor seat or walking behind with the PRO 22" Spray Gun equipped with 25 Feet of hose. Meet all of your liquid application needs with the 90 Gallon MC 1 Series Sprayer with more capacity, greater stability and better performance on all terrains.
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  • MC Close Coupled tank
  • 90 Gallon Capacity, Fully Drainable
  • Category 1 Lift Pins
  • Quic-Tach Compatible
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Manual or Electric Section Controls
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • 6 Roller Pump


  • Traditional Booms from 100" to 240" Coverage
  • Boomless Booms from 30’ to 50’ Coverage
  • Spray Wands with 25’ Hose & Hose Wrap