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300 Gallon Trailer Sprayer Base Unit

Ag Spray 300 gallon Trailer Sprayer
Known as the Pasture Blaster®, this unit was designed for rangeland noxious weed management. Implement 9.5L-15 pneumatic tires give this trailer sprayer a smooth ride and easy pull over any terrain. An adjustable clevis hitch allows easy towing by a tractor, UTV, ATV or truck. This unit can be equipped with a Hypro 8 Roller Pump, built to withstand abrasive chemicals. UV resistant, molded polymer tank has a 16" tethered offset lid for easy access and is completely drainable. The 300 gallon pull-behind sprayer allows accurate and easy application of rangeland products with the versatility and efficiency needed to spray tight areas, around buildings, fence lines, trees, bushes or other obstacles. This trailer sprayer is designed for controlling weeds, insects and diseases on lawns, acreages, food plots, ditches, fence lines and pastures. This base unit allows unique customization for any type of application with multiple boom options, handgun options and boom control options available.
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  • 300 gallon low profile tank
  • Single axle durable trailer
  • Adjustable axles: 65" - 85"
  • Optional Filling platform with handrail
  • Manual plumbing control
  • 8 roller pump with 540 coupler
  • 2 boomless nozzles with 36 ft. coverage
  • Single agitator kit
  • 10" Topwind Tongue Jack