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Art's-Way 6105/6140 Portable Mixer/Hammermill

Art's Way 6105 Mixer/Hammermill
Art's Way hammermills feature 4-way reversible knives to get more use out of this common wear item. A throat magnet prevents metal debris from staying in your feed through processing. A balanced rotor assembly keeps your mill operating smoothly.
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Grinder Mixer Features and Specifications

Efficient Unloading
The 8 inch diameter unload system quickly discharges feed, reducing time and labor costs.
20 inch Hammermill
20" hammermill with 72 four way reversible hammers for faster grinding power.
Electric Tank Gate
The electric tank gate allows you to control feed flow to the discharge auger. This allows for more flow as you reach the end of the batch.
Intake and Discharge
Adding an auger feeder makes it easy to load your portable units. The portable units also feature different discharge auger options from a side to side on the units without a tank, choosing mechanical or hydraulic on our smallest grinder mixer, or run with a remote control on our larger units.
Screen Sizes
Choose your optional screens so you are able to grind your desired size, based on either your livestock or material type.

Tank Capacity 105 bushels 140 bushels
PTO Drive 540
HP Requirement 40-100 hp
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
Auger Feeder Length 96"
Auger Feeder Diameter 10"
Auger Feeder Type Hydraulic
Hammermill Width 20"
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12" flighting / 13" tube / 24" base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 8"
Discharge Auger Type Mechanical or Hydraulic Mechanical
Tires 10 x 15 8-ply implement 13.5 x 16.1 8-ply high flotation
Supplement Hopper 21" x 24"
Shipping Dimensions
Overall Height 106" 112"
Overall Width w/ Auger Feeder 95" 110"
Overall Length 170" 170"
Approx. Weight w/ Auger Feeder 3540 lbs 4500 lbs
Ground Clearance 10" 10"

Screen Sizes
ScreenMaterialGrind TypeMicron SizeCapacity @ 80hp*
1/8" 650-700 150-250
5/32" Oats, Milo, Corn Fine, Small Grain (Chicken/Pigs) 700-825 200-300
3/16" Oats, Milo, Corn, Hay Medium, Small Grain (Chickens, Pigs, more hulls) 800-950 300-400
1/4" Oats, Milo, Corn, Hay Coarse, Small Grain (Hogs, Sheep) 925-1100 480-650
5/16" Oats, Corn, Hay More Coarse, Small Grain (Hogs, Fine Cattle Feed) 1100-1250 700-850
3/8" Corn, Hay, Ear Corn Coarse, Shelled Corn (Cattle Feed, No whole kernels in ear corn 1250-1400 900-1125
1/2" Ear Corn, Hay Coarse, Ear Corn (Cattle Feed, some whole kernels) N/A 1200-1375
5/8" Ear Corn, Hay More Coarse, Ear Corn (Cattle Feed, some whole kernels) N/A 1375-1550
3/4" Ear Corn, Hay Coarse, High Moisture Ear Corn (Cattle, Nice cob grind but whole) N/A 1550-1725
1" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Medium Bedding) N/A
1-1/4" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Medium Bedding) N/A
1-1/2" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Bedding, Cattle, Uniform Grind) N/A
2" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Bedding, Cattle, Uniform Grind) N/A
  • Condition of grain affects capacity
  • Power input is a factor in capacity
  • Capacities are based on 56 lbs/bu. of corn
  • Hammers and screen conditions must be maintained