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Brown 2000 Series Tree Cutters

Brown Manufacturing TCF-2600 Tree Cutter

The Brown 2000 Series Folding Deck Tree Cutter incorporates hydraulic folding deck doors for added safety and a more efficient mulching capability. The folding deck design allows for two distinct types of mowing operations, while providing maximum safety. With the deck doors raised on the 2000 series, it can back into and cut standing trees up to eight (8) inches in diameter (depending on model). Use the folding deck doors down and the 2000 series can cut and grind materials which the tractor has driven over with virtually no discharge. The difference is in the design of the deck. When the deck doors are in the down position, the materials stay under the deck much longer allowing more contact time between the blades and the material being mulched, producing much better results and less discharge. Most materials thrown from the blades will strike the rear slanted deck section and be deflected down for safety. The rear deck doors should be open only when the operator is backing into material that cannot be driven forward over.

The Brown 2000 Series Open Deck Tree Cutter incorporates a twin coil spring pressure bar assembly to give added strength, durability, and better operation. The deck design reduces the amount of discharged debris. A front safety chain curtain helps control frontal discharge.

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  • Up to 625 Lb. Blade Bar generating a tremendous flywheel effect, giving this cutter its terrific cutting ability.
  • Over-running slip clutch allows the drive shaft to stop after PTO is disengaged - Protects tractor PTO system.
  • 4 disc slip clutch, with 4 field adjustable torque settings.
  • 810 RPM Blade Bar allows contact 54 times per second.
  • Front Safety Chain Curtains are standard.
  • Additional discharge protection.
The axe-like chopping effect of the offset blade bevels give the Brown Tree Cutter unmatched cutting ability.

Brown Manufacturing Tree Cutter

Brown 2000 Series SPECIFICATIONS
540 rpm ModelTCO-2505CTCO-2605CTCO-2625CTCO-2605TCO-2625
1000 rpm ModelTCO-2500CTCO-2600CTCO-2620CTCO-2600TCO-2620
Width of Deck69"81"81"81"81"
Width of Cut60"72"72"72"72"
Deck3/16" Plate Reinforced1/4" Plate w/ Reinforced Double 1/4" Plate = 1/2"
Frame3x3x1/4" Tubing
A-Frame3x3x1/4" ASAE Hitch Cat II w/ Flex Link
Cutting Height1 1/2" to 12"
Ultra Kor Blades4 - 1/2 x 5"4 - 1/2 x 6"4 - 5/8 x 6"4 - 1/2 x 6"4 - 5/8 x 6"
Blade Holder315 lbs, 3/4" Plate480 lbs, 1" Plate625 lbs, 1" Plate480 lbs, 1" Plate625 lbs, 1" Plate
Tail Wheel5x8 Laminated Caster6x9 Laminated Caster
Drive ShaftFully Shielded - Telescoping w/ 4 Disc Clutch
Slip Clutch100hp - 4 Disc Clutch w/ 4 Adjustments w/ Over-run
Gear Box
1 3/4" x 20 Spl Input
2 13/16" Output Shaft
145 hp 145 hp 240 hp @ 1000 rpm
165 hp @ 540 rpm
145 hp 240 hp @ 1000 rpm
165 hp @ 540 rpm
Tractor Lift Capacity3000 lbs4000 lbs4000 lbs5000 lbs5000 lbs
Tractor HP Required50-10070-10070-10080-10080-100
Maximum Material Size6"6"8"6"8"
Hydraulicsn/a2 - 2"x10" Stroke Cylinders
Weight1705 lbs2260 lbs2455 lbs2565 lbs2710 lbs