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Bush-Whacker 6010 5' Rotary Cutter

Bush-Whacker 6010 5' Rotary Cutter

Bush-Whacker mowers from Hall Manufacturing have been popular for decades for highway right-of-way use. Lately, they have been increasingly in demand for agricultural, commercial and other applications where a heavy-duty, rugged mower is needed. The Bush-Whacker is available in a range of sizes to fit your needs - from the five-foot model all the way to the big 20-footer.

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  • 3 point hitch or pull type
  • 3/16" Deck
  • Structural frame of mower is 2" by 3" tubing with 1/4" wall thickness
  • 1/4" I-Beam sides instead of 1/4" flat steel
  • Gearbox is mounted to a 1/2" plate that is welded to the 3/16" deck
  • 6 bolt mounting on gearbox - heads are tackwelded to bottom of deck so one man can tighten the nuts or change the gearbox
Bush-Whacker 6010 Rotary Cutter Specifications
190 hp, 540 or 1,000 rpm, base mounted, 1:1.47 ratio
Malleable housing; forged alloy steel; carburized and hardened gears and shafts; 20 splined 1 3/4" input shaft, 2 1/8" output shaft; tapered bearings; lifetime lubricated.
Slip Clutch
Heavy duty spring-type adjustment with four friction discs.
Shielded - Category 4
Made from finest quality propeller shaft materials and needle bearing universal joints.
1/2" material, alloy spring steel, airlift design, free swinging for long life and clean cutting.Swings back when encountering obstructions, mounted on shoulder bolts.
Tail Wheel
3-point hitch: Extra heavy duty, tapered bearings
4" by 8" laminated puncture-proof tire
Pull type: Extra heavy duty, tapered bearings
two 6" by 9" laminated puncture-proof tires
Cutting Height
2" to 13"
Turner Special Deck
3/16" Material
Heavy duty, one-piece electric welded frame, rolled I-Beam sides, mechanical tubing structurals.
Rolled I-Beam - 1/4" Material - shaped to form sides of cutter
Chain Guards
Front & Rear
Heavy Duty Cat I or Cat II
860 lbs