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CLAAS DISCO Parts & Accessories

Only ORIGINAL CLAAS parts are made to fit perfectly in CLAAS machines. They ensure the perfect interplay and maximum performance in use.

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CLAAS Mower Parts
Clean cutting - faster harvesting
The sharp-edged ORIGINAL CLAAS mowing knives ensure that a smooth cut protects the sward and that new growth ensues more rapidly. Thus, during mowing you are already laying the foundation for the next high-yield cut.
ORIGINAL CLAAS mowing tines offer you an above-average service life because of a special material and the adapted heat treatment. The special material has the hardness required by CLAAS and is especially tough as well. The double-edged blade permits double-sided use which ensures a long service life.

Quick Knife

CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
For the toughest of requirements!
The mower blades on the DISCO are held securely in place with leaf springs. ORIGINAL CLAAS leaf springs hold the freely rotating mower blades. The blades rotate freely around the bolts; consequently the blades are protected against damage and both sides can be used.

A durable special coating is used on all wear-intensive areas to protect against rapid wear. The special steel bolts are welded with leaf springs on both sides to prevent the bolts and knives from coming loose. Wear welds applied around the bolts ensure a high level of endurance. The base material is hardened and shot-blasted, making it suitable for tough continuous use.

Bolted Knives

CLAAS Mower Parts
Secure attachment
All mowers are fitted with a knife changing system as standard. Depending on the model and the country, screw-in blades are optionally available. Whether the blade is attached using the quick knife change system or is bolted, the blade is always fastened securely.

ORIGINAL CLAAS cutterbar bolts offer you:
  • High breakage resistance, as the bolts are made of special steel
  • Long service life, thanks to compliance with high-precision specifications in meticulous production. Multiple use of the bolt is possible.
  • High level of safety, as the dimensions of the cutterbar bolts are matched precisely to the mowing disc and the bolt mount. This ensures that the blades are always mounted securely.

Conditioner Tines

CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
To ensure that your harvest dries quickly
CLAAS mowers with conditioners ensure optimum use of the often all too short harvesting period. The use of a conditioner significantly accelerates the drying and wilting processes, and you save valuable time with fewer work stages.

The V-shaped ORIGINAL CLAAS conditioning tines are offset and securely mounted in elastic bearings. The elastic bearings of the ORIGINAL CLAAS conditioner tines allow the tines to give way when they come in contact with foreign bodies, thus avoiding damage. The shape of the ORIGINAL CLAAS conditioner tines and their arrangement in the conditioner ensure clean and precise work. The dimensions of the tines are designed for optimum conditioning of the harvested material. Thanks to the special angled design of the tines, it is possible to adjust the intensity to suit the harvesting conditions.

Protective Covers

CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
CLAAS Mower Parts
Above-average protection
ORIGINAL CLAAS swath / safety guards reliably prevent danger from foreign objects being projected through the air. They are intended to ensure that foreign bodies are not ejected outwards and do not become dangerous projectiles. For this reason, the trade association requires that safety guards are kept in perfect order.

ORIGINAL CLAAS safety and swath guards are tested by the DLG and significantly exceed all required safety standards prescribed by DIN EN 745. Use only ORIGINAL CLAAS swath/safety guards.

Safety comes first!

High Cut Skids

CLAAS Mower Parts
Protection for the mower and the grass stubble
The high cut skids on the DISCO are easy to mount and act gently on grass stubble to ensure more rapid growth. The increased cutting height reduces impurities in the crop. This ensures a clean cut, which is essential for obtaining top quality silage. The rugged ORIGINAL CLAAS high cut skids guide the mower securely over the field. Owing to the protection of the mowing bars, the mower can cope with even tough permanent loads. In addition, the system guarantees optimum ground following and a precise cut.