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CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers

CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
High area coverage with reduced power requirement.
In the same way as the large-scale mowers, CLAAS side-mounted rear mowers also feature professional-level technology.
  • Top chop quality with the MAX CUT mower bar
  • Perfect cut, with no stripe marks from dirt on the bar
  • Smooth running, even at high speeds
  • Innovative bolt concept for maximum deflection and impact resistance, even under extreme loads
  • Low diesel consumption, thanks to ACTIVE FLOAT and the economy PTO (850 rpm)
  • SAFETY LINK reliably protects the drive train, and is quickly replaced when required
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CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
MAX CUT for maximum quality
The enhanced satellite drive plus the benefits from a range of other drive design solutions give the MAX CUT mower bar unmatched efficiency performance. The wave shape enables the large satellite wheels to be placed at the front of the cutterbar, engaging at two points. Uniform disc intervals ensure a perfect cut configuration under all operating conditions. Only the highest-quality materials have been used, for maximum service life. The MAX CUT bar is permanently lubricated, and is maintenance-free.
  1. Mower bed stamped from a single piece
  2. Mowing discs in forward position
  3. Fully rotating knives
  4. Efficient drive concept
  5. Optimised tunnel effect
  6. Innovative bolt connection for maximum deflection and impact resistance
  7. Permanently lubricated mower bar
  8. SAFETY LINK safety modules
  9. Specially hardened and bolted connection pieces
  10. Skids with spoiler effect
  11. Convenient quick blade change
  12. Wear skids, high-cut skids, twin high-cut skids and bar protection device available as optional equipment
  13. Very small bar openings
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
The secret it in the wave design
Only the wave design can provide the space required for two unique connecting pieces, specially hardened for the purpose. The connection piece with a raised section where the knives run towards each other (left) operates like a shear bar, preventing clumps of dirt forming. It also protects the bar from cutting damage. And thanks to the slimline connecting piece on the right, as the knives move apart they clear the bar earlier, and start cutting immediately. The special design also ensures optimum crop flow.
Maximum pressing force
The core structure of the mower bar is the wave-shaped bed, stamped from a single piece, with a pressing force of 3,000 tons. This is the secret of MAX CUT, giving it the required underlying strength and allowing the inclusion of a host of unique technical details. The wave design is the only way to meet all the requirements for a mower bar today, efficiently and without compromise.
Ultra-precise bolt fit
The base and cover are machined together, resulting in an ultra-precise fit between the two halves of the structure. The innovative bolt design also provides a perfect positive connection, for maximum deflection and impact resistance without the weakening effect of welding processes. And last but not least, the use of high-strength, fine-grain steel ensures maximum service life for the MAX CUT mower bar, even under extreme loads.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Superb quality cut through maximum overlap
Perfect cut, thanks to the specially shaped connecting pieces: at the point where the knife pairs are moving apart, there is maximum overlap between the circles of rotation of the knives, boosting the cut surface area.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
The familiar SAFETY LINK safety module has been further improved, and is larger than before. The pressed bed structure provides more design space, also making it easier to replace when required. The sealed double groove ball bearing ensures maximum service life. Each individual mowing disc is protected by a predetermined breaking point in the safety module, and is isolated from the drive train in the event of a collision. An axial bolt holds the mowing disc firmly in position.

DISCO Features

CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Optimum results with ACTIVE FLOAT
No two fields are the same. With ACTIVE FLOAT, you are able to adapt quickly and easily to changing conditions, such as wet spots or dry hilltops. The ground pressure of the mower can be flexibly adjusted with a single-acting spool valve, even while you are working. The currently selected value is displayed on a pressure gauge visible from the cab position.
  • Optimum ground-contour following and protection of the grass cover
  • Clean forage
  • Reduced power and fuel requirements
  • Low wear and tear
  • High working speeds
Frictional resistance becomes rolling resistance
ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension is standard equipment on all CONTOUR rear mowers from CLAAS, and is also available as an option on front mowers. This suspension system transfers the weight of the mower from the grass cover to the tractor. It also reduces lateral forces during operation on slopes, for increased riding comfort and improved mowing quality.
As an alternative to ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension, adjustable spring suspension is also available.
The right setting - always
A single-acting spool valve allows the suspension pressure to be adjusted according to the conditions from the comfort of the cab, even while you are mowing. The current set value is displayed on an easily visible pressure gauge. The general rule is to set the suspension as high as possible, and limit the load to the required minimum. Maximum suspension of the mower unit is particularly recommended when mowing at field edges, so that it literally "floats" over uneven ground.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Continuous suspension
Powerful coil springs provide the mower suspension, transferring a proportion of the machine’s weight to the tractor. The arrangement of the springs ensures that the residual weight is distributed evenly across the full length of the mower bar. Adjustment of the ground pressure according to harvesting conditions is carried out without the use of special tools.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Compact transport position
The pivot point is located well inside, so the mower in road transport position is hardly any wider than the tractor. Having the center of gravity close to the tractor ensures excellent stability on the road, and the mower is automatically secured mechanically in the transport position.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Easily adjustable
Adjustable mounting bolts are used to set the tractor track width. This allows use of the full working width and setting of the optimum overlap when operating in combination with a front mower. Pins at different heights ensure easy and convenient hitching.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Mechanical breakdown protection
Mechanical breakback protection, consisting of robust pawls and elastomers, effectively prevents damage to the mower bar. Once the overload device is activated, the operator simply has to lower the mower and briefly back up.
CLAAS Disco Side-Mounted Rear Mowers
Save space
A practical, space-saving parking trestle option is also available in the 50 rear-mounted model range, allowing you to make best use of the space available on the farm.

Working Width 8' 6" 9' 10"
MAX CUT Mower Bar Standard Standard
PTO 540 540
Flotation Spring Spring