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CLAAS VOLTO Parts & Accessories

Only ORIGINAL CLAAS parts are made to fit perfectly in CLAAS machines. They ensure the perfect interplay and maximum performance in use.

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Spring Tines

CLAAS Volto Tedder Parts
All spring tines from CLAAS meet with high quality standards in all areas of use. High-quality raw materials undergo special production steps to create a first-class product. Their windings produce a (rotational) spring effect allowing them to move aside in the presence of impurities. This prevents damage to the spring tines and extends the service life. Consequently, the following machines are not damaged by broken tines.

Drawn, shot-blasted and powder-coated:
The three most important steps to CLAAS quality. Many conventional tines are produced without shot blasting or are imprecisely shot-blasted. Spring tines made by different manufacturers look very similar and are hard to distinguish. Be sure to use only ORIGINAL CLAAS spring tines.

Tine Arms

CLAAS Volto Tedder Parts
So that everything flows through the proper channels!
The ORIGINAL CLAAS tine supports play an important role in the top-quality work of VOLTO. The individual form combined with the rotary plate and the hermetically sealed control unit ensures clean work while simultaneously protecting the sward.

The tine supports are brought into their unique shape through non-cutting tube formation. This process maintains the stability of the raw material. The profile of the tine support is precisely adapted to the VOLTO, thereby ensuring a precise quality of work.

Swath Guards

CLAAS Volto Tedder Parts
CLAAS Volto Tedder Parts
CLAAS Volto Tedder Parts
ORIGINAL CLAAS swath / safety guards reliably prevent danger from foreign objects being projected through the air. They are intended to ensure that foreign bodies are not ejected outwards and do not become dangerous projectiles. For this reason, the trade association requires that safety guards are kept in perfect order.

ORIGINAL CLAAS safety and swath guards are tested by the DLG and significantly exceed all required safety standards prescribed by DIN EN 745.

Use only ORIGINAL CLAAS swath/safety guards. Safety comes first!