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CLAAS Volto Trailed Tedders

CLAAS Trailed Tedders

Maximum performance with a compact transport width
Are you already mowing with a 10 ft. or larger mower? Do you own a DISCO 8550 or COUGAR and do you need the corresponding trailed machine? Are you a contractor or professional farmer and want a reliable, robust tedder equipped with all technical refinements of the VOLTO model series? Do you want maximum working width and minimum transport dimensions? Do you want to ted instead of wait? Then the VOLTO 1320 T is the right choice for you.

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Five at one blow

CLAAS Volto Tedders
42.5 ft. (13 m) working widths speak for themselves. With 10 rotors, high performance is a given. Five swaths of a 10 ft. (3 m) mowing unit are raked in only one pass. And between the strokes, they get started super quickly. The separate wide and stable-tracking transport chassis with its large-volume tires enables ground speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h) without compromise.

Perfect clearance with the edge crop guard

A crop guard mounted on the outside of the tedder keeps all the material in on the field. Its shallow angle relative to the crop impedes the flight of the material during the tedding process. On the VOLTO 1050 T, for normal tedding it is kept in a bracket on the tedder for easy fixing into position whenever needed.
  • Clean field edges
  • No need to angle the machine to one side.
  • The crop is not thrown inwards.
  • Uniform crop spread.

Technology that sets standards.

  • Hitch with inverted U-shaped connection on the lower link of the tractor.
  • Easy to operate via a single double-acting hydraulic connection.
  • Drive train with wear-free PERMALINK technology.
  • Encapsulated, permanently lubricated - and therefore maintenance-free - rotor drives in exceptionally sturdy cast iron housings.
  • Easy to operate via a single double-acting hydraulic connection.
  • Infinitely adjustable working height and exact guidance of the rotor via the new double guide wheel.
  • Robust rotor discs with sturdy back-up ring for extra stability.
  • Round tine bar for maximum loads and reliable tine guidance.
  • Very high-strength spring tines with tine-loss protection are standard.
  • Nighttime swathing with reduced PTO shaft speed possible.
  • Extremely wide track width of the separate transport chassis for maximum cornering stability.
Volto Trailed Tedder Specifications
Working Width
Hitch Type
Mounting Category
PTO Shaft Speed
Rotor Diameter
Tine Arms per Rotor
Rotor Frame Angle
Tine Overrun