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H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer

H&S GM 170 Grinder-Mixer

The H&S 170 Grinder-Mixer offers the convenience, dependability and smoothness of hydraulically operated feed making on your farm. The feeding attachments and unloading mechanisms are all driven hydraulically - No drive belts, chains or gear clusters to wear out.

The self-contained hydraulic system includes a pulley-driven pump, cyclonic reservoir for maximum hydraulic cooling and a pressure relief valve. Two full length windows and a rear porthole window allow the operator to see feed levels.

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Grinder Mill

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
The PTO driven 21'' grinder mill features an eight "A" section banded V-belt for a positive drive and a quick release pin (P) to disengage the mill.

Slip Clutch

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
An adjustable slip clutch on the auger rotation provides protection if foreign objects are encountered.

Hydraulic Motor

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
The hydraulic motor provides a flow of 10.5 GPM with a 10 micron oil filter. The Cyclonic Reservoir provides circulation to cool the oil.

Swing Radius

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
The 300 degree swing radius of the unloading auger allows repositioning of the discharge auger from one side of the machine to the other without moving the grinder-mixer.

Mixing Auger

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
A 14" mixing auger with a 30" base provides superior mixing uniformity.

Slide Door

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
A slide style door provides easy opening for unloading. The automatic chain oiler system oils the drive chains when the discharged auger is raised.


H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
Sixty-six thin, four way steel alloy reversible hammers reduce horsepower requirements, cutting the material - not pounding it. Cutting action occurs against the throat plate while a suction fan pulls the ground feed through the screens. This allows for a more uniform mix for ration control. Twelve screens are available with sizes ranging from 1/8'' to 2'' in diameter to grind the grain to the consistency that you desire. The mill is 21" wide.

Intake Auger

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
An optional 12" diameter by 7' long hydraulic variable speed swinging intake auger (SIA) moves grain, ear corn, shelled corn, or other miscellaneous grain into the mill with ease, and the hydraulic control allows you to keep the mill at maximum capacity.

Supplement Hopper

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
A 23" wide x 18" long supplement hopper with a sack cutter is side mounted 35" above the ground.


H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
A Digi-Star EZ 2000 scale or a EZ 3200 scale with external horn are optional.

Screen Holder & Hose Holder

H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
A screen holder and hydraulic hose holder are standard equipment.


H&S Manufacturing GM 170 Grinder-Mixer
Two heavy-duty 4" x 18" magnets remove any metal that may accidentally mix with the material entering the mill.
GM 170 Grinder Mixer Specifications
Tank Capacity - Bushel 135
Tank Capacity - Cubic Ft 170
Tank Diameter 72"
Mixing Auger 14" diameter w/ 30" base
Ladder Front mount over mill
Tank Windows 2 full length & 1 port hole style
Overall Height  10' 7"
Overall Width 7' 9" w/o auger feeder
Overall Length 15' 8"
Ground Clearance 11' 5"
Supplement Hopper 23"w x 18"l - 35" above ground
Feeder Gravity Hopper or
optional Swinging Intake Auger (SIA)
PTO Drive 540 or 1000 RPM
HP Requirement 540 RPM up to 115 HP
1000 RPM up to 145 HP
Tires 12.5L - 15 - 20 Ply
Jack Standard
Weight w/ Auger Feeder 3600#
Swinging Intake Auger (SIA)
Auger Feeder Length 84"
Auger Diameter 12"
In feed Hopper 42" w/ Fold-In-Flare - Adjustable as low as 20"
Drive Direct Drive Independent Hydraulic Motor
Hammermill Width 21"
Cylinder Diameter 20"
Grinder Drive 8 "A" Section Banded V-Belt
Grinder Hammers 66-4 Way Reversible Steel Alloy
Grinder Screen Area 600
Throat Magnet 2 - 4"x18"
Cylinder Speed 2700 RPM
Discharge Auger
Tube Diameter 8"
Auger Length 12'
Auger Rotation 300 degrees
Reach (standard) 19' @ 53 degrees
Reach w/ 3' Extension Appx 21' 6" @ 53 degrees
Reach w/ 6' Extension Appx 23' 10" @ 53 degrees
Drive System
Self-Contained Includes pully-driven pump, reservoir & pressure relief valve
Pump Pressure 2600 PSI maximum
Oil Flow 10.5 GPM
Hydraulic Reservoir Cyclonic reservoir
Oil Filter 10 Micron