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HayBuster 147C All Purpose Drill

Haybuster 147C All Purpose Seed Drill
The Haybuster 147C is back! Now planting in 14' increments and weighing in over 5,600 lbs., this is a superb drill for planting in heavy residue and hard-to-penetrate soil. If you need to plant in heavy trash conditions and have substantial acres to seed, the Haybuster 147C is the drill for you!
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14' Seeding Width

Haybuster 147C All Purpose Seed Drill
The 147C is Haybuster's widest single piece drill. It allows you to maximize your planting time without sacrificing seed placement accuracy.

Versatility for use in a variety of seed bed conditions

Haybuster 147C All Purpose Seed Drill
Haybuster's grain and grass drills are truly all purpose drills. They will seed a wide variety of seeds; from warm and cool season grasses and legumes to small grains and soybeans. Up to 3 different products can be metered simultaneously at different rates (when optional legume box is attached). Choose your combination: 3 seeds, or 2 seeds and dry fertilizer, the combination is up to you. These drills work well in all conditions: conventional, minimum till, no-till as well as pasture renovation and reclamation projects.

Infinite Rate Adjustments

Haybuster 147C All Purpose Seed Drill
Rate adjustments are infinite and simple on both the seed boxes and the legume box. Plastic seed cups allow easily visible seed flow.

Haybuster Row Opener

Haybuster 147C All Purpose Seed Drill
Built for accuracy & versatility:
  • Accurate depth control is maintained by the packer wheels and the parallel linkage.
  • Depth control adjustment
  • Pressure springs provide from 135 to 300 lbs of down pressure to adapt to varying soil conditions.
  • Optional native grass attachment includes an agitator, a large convoluted hose and special seed boot.
  • Optional drop tube assembly with convoluted hoses
  • Optional coulter depth bands help controll disc opener depth in soft soil conditions.
  • Wide ground drive wheel assures accurate seeding in all conditions.
HayBuster 107C All Purpose Drill Specifications
Overall Width 13' 9"
Height 6' 2"
Road Clearance 7"
Weight 5,650 lbs.
Front Tire Type Dual Implement
Front Tire Size 9.5L x 14"
Rear Tire Type Implement
Rear Tire Size 7.6L x 15"
Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Standard
Molded Seed Cups with Wind Guards and Triple Width Seed Wheels in Rear Seed Box
Seed Box 18 bushels
Feed System Infinitely Adjustable Meter
Fertilizer Box 1540 lbs
13.5 bushels
Walk Board Size 10" x 10' 6"
Walk Board Type Steel Safety Grating
Seed/Fertilizer Hose Type Rubber Convoluted
Seed/Fertilizer Horse Size 1-1/4" I.D.
Seeding Row Spacing 7"
Seeding Width 14' 6"
Number of Seed Openers 24
Opener Type Coulter-Disc Offset Opener
Coulter Lead Distance 1-1/2"
Opener Spring Pressure Range 135 to 300 lbs.
Opener Travel Range 10"
Disc Soil Penetration Range Up to 3"
Coulter Size 5/32" x 14" dia.
Disc Size 3/32" x 14" dia.
Disc Bearings Heavy Duty - Sealed 3/4"
Double Row Ball Bearings
Steel 2" x 15-1/2"
Drill Hitch
Tractor must weight more than drill full of seed
Horsepower 70HP (dependent upon terrain and soil conditions)
  • Legume Box: Haybuster drills can be equipped with a third seed box designed for accurately feeding and metering small seeds and legumes. Also available with longer hoses and seed boots for shallow seed placement.
  • Native Grass Attachment: Haybuster drills can be equipped with dual seed agitators, large seed hoses and seed boots for accurately planting light, fluffy bearded seeds such as native grasses.
  • Single Bottom Agitators - Prevent bridging of seeds near feed wheels to maintain flow of seeds. It is standard equipment wiht the Native Grass Kit or can be ordered separately for the rear box.
  • Depth Band: Bolted on to the coulter to limit the maximum seeding depth.
  • Ballast Barrels: Used to add weight to the machine to aid in coulter penetration of hard ground.