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HayBuster CMF-430 Mixer

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-430 has a 430 cu. ft. mixing capacity with a tare weight of 10,750 lbs.
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Mixing Capacity

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-430 has a 430 Cu. Ft. mixing capacity with the standard extension.

Adjustable Vertical Knives

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
Adjustable vertical knives for more aggressive cutting.

Observation Ladder

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
Ladder mounted on front of machine which allows for viewing of mixed ration while machine is stopped.

Conveyor Options

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The unloading door is 42" high and can be on the left or right side of the machine. Conveyor options are a 3' or 5' extension which gives a feeding height range of between 36" and 58". Magnets are available for the conveyor extension.

Single Auger

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
88" Heavy-Duty Single Auger with up to 7 self-sharpening serrated knives driven by a HD USA gearbox that is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Digi-Star Four Point Scale

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-430 is equipped with a Digi-Star 4 pt. scale and monitor. Various monitor options are available. The Digi-Star system is powered by a standard onboard 12-volt battery. Digi-Star feed rationing programs are also available.

Free Motion Clutches on Driveline

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
Free motion clutches on driveline protect the heavy-duty gear boxes. Gear boxes come witha 2-year warranty. The optional 2-speed gear box is used for loaded start-ups and heavy rations.

Heavy Duty Rigid Axles

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
Rigid Heavy Duty Axles on each side with 2 14L-16.1 12 ply tires.

Tapered Boil Ring

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The Tapered Boil Ring is standard equipment on the CMF-430. It prevents product from boiling over the sides during the cutting and mixing process.

Optional Magnets

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
Magnets on the discharge chutes remove metal, such as bale wire, from feed.

CV PTO or optional 2-Speed Gear Box

Haybuster CMF-430 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-430 comes equipped with either a Heavy Duty Constant Velocity 540 rpm PTO or an optional 2-Speed Gear Box. The 2-Speed Gear Box is used for loaded start-ups and heavy rations.
CMF-430 Vertical Mixer Specifications
Mixing Capacity w/o Extensions 430 cu ft
Mixing Capacity w/ 12" Extension 436 cu ft
Gross Weight Capacity 19,100 lbs
Tare Weight - TMR 10,750 lbs
Number 1
Diameter 88"
Flighting Thickness 5/8"
Number/Thickness of Knives 7-5/16" self sharpening
Size 24" x 42"
Floor Thickness 5/8"
Sidewall Thickness 1/4"
Unloading Door 43" x 36"
Discharge Left or Right
1-3/8" constant velocity 540 rpm PTO shaft>
Optional 2-Speed Gear Box
Protection: Free motion automatic clutches (1)
(1) HD Gear Boxes with 2 year warranty
Digi-Star 4 point scale with optional monitor
Total 8120 lbs
Tongue Weight 960 lbs
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS (Fully raised conveyor)
Width 10' 8"
Length 16' 6"
Height 9' 8"
Width 10' 8" to 14', depending on conveyor
Loading Height w/ Ext 9' 8"
Towing Arrangement Clevis type Hitch/Pintle
Tires 2) 14L-16.1-12 ply
Wheels 2) 8 hole
Axle Rigid
Bearings Tapered Roller
Jack Capacity 7,000 lbs / 10" travel
Extensions 12" rubber
PTO Horsepower Required 80 minimum
PTO Requirement 540 rpm, 1-3/8" dia w/ 6 spline
Min. Tractor Hydraulic Output 8 gpm at 1500 psi
SMV Signs & Road Lights Standard
Electrical 12 VDC (Battery included)
  • Discharge Magnets on Conveyor
  • Left or Right Door Opening
  • 2 Speed Gear Boxes
  • Digi-Star Scale & Feed Management Programs