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HayBuster CMF-710 Mixer

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 has a 710 cu. ft. mixing capacity with a tare weight of 18,340 lbs.
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Mixing Capacity

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 has a 710 Cu. Ft. mixing capacity.

Observation Windows

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 has observation windows on the right and left sides of the machine.

Large 30"x40" Unloading Door

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Large unloading door for fast, even unloading and cleaning.

Versatile 30" wide Cross & Unloading Conveyor

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
  • Cross Conveyor only with right or left hand drives.
  • Cross Conveyor with spouts or endgates. Magnets are available for the spouts.
  • Cross Conveyor with hydraulic conveyor extension. Available in right hand, left hand, or both right and left hand unload. The dual discharge unit can only unload from one side at a time. Spouts and optional magnets are also available.
  • 18-5/8" to 47" discharge height

76" Heavy Duty Twin Augers with 7 Knives per Auger

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Heavy duty 76" twin screw augers, with self sharpening serrated knives, driven by 2 HD USA gearboxes that are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Digi-Star Four Point Scale with choice of optional Digi-Star Monitors

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 is equipped with a Digi-Star 4 pt. scale and EZ 3500 V monitor. All other Digi-Star monitors and scale heads are available. The Digi-Star system is powered by a standard onboard 12 volt battery. Digi-Start feeding programs are also available.

Free Motion Clutches on Driveline

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Free motion clutches on the driveline protect the heavy-duty gear boxes. Gear boxes come with a 2 year warranty. The optional 2 speed gearbox is used for loaded startups and heavy rations.

4-Point Scale

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
4-point scale for accurate weighing, with reduced scale bounce during loading and feeding.

Oscillating Heavy Duty Axles

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Oscillating Heavy Duty Axles with 4) 315/80R 22.5 20 ply tires provide even weight distribution on uneven and frozen ground.

Heavy Duty Frame

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 is built with a heavy duty 6"x9"x1/4" steel tube frame for strength and longevity.

Optional Magnets

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Magnets on the discharge chutes remove metal, such as bale wire, from feed.

Dogleg Conveyor

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
Optional Dogleg Conveyor is available

CV PTO with optional 2-Speed Gear Box

Haybuster CMF-710 Vertical Mixer
The CMF-710 comes equipped with a Heavy Duty Constant Velocity 1000 rpm PTO with an optional 2-Speed Gear Box. The 2-Speed Gear Box is used for loaded start-ups and heavy rations.
CMF-710 Vertical Mixer Specifications
Mixing Capacity w/ 12" Extension 710 cu ft
Gross Weight Capacity 39,400 lbs
Tare Weight - TMR 18,340 lbs
Number 2
Diameter 76"
Flighting Thickness 5/8"
Number/Thickness of Knives 14-5/16" self sharpening
Door Size 30" x 40"
Discharge Left, Right, or Both
Dogleg Option 30"
Floor Thickness 5/8"
Sidewall Thickness 1/4"
Observation Windows 2
1-3/4" constant velocity 1000 rpm PTO shaft
1-3/8" constant velocity 1000 rpm PTO shaft
Protection: Free motion automatic clutches (2)
Gear Boxes (2) HD Gear Boxes with 2 year warranty
Digi-Star 4 point scale with optional monitor
Total 13,660 lbs
Tongue Weight 1180 lbs
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS (Fully raised conveyor)
Width 10' 1-1/2"
Length 22' 2-11/16"
Height 10' 2-3/4"
Loading Height with Extensions 10' 2-3/4"
Width 10' 2" to 12'", depending on conveyor
Loading Height w/ Ext 9' 8"
Towing Arrangement Clevis Type Hitch
Jack Capacity 7,000 lbs
Jack Travel 10"
Tires 4) 14L-16.1-12 ply
Wheels 4) 8 hole
Axle Oscillating
Bearings Tapered Roller
Extensions 12" rubber
PTO Horsepower Required 125 minimum
PTO Requirement 1000 rpm, 1-3/8" w/ 21 spline
Min. Tractor Hydraulic Output 8 gpm at 1500 psi
SMV Signs & Road Lights Standard
Electrical 12 VDC (Battery included)
  • Magnets on Discharge Spouts - Magnets on the chutes/spouts remove ferrous metal, such as bale wire, from feed.
  • Left, Right, or Dual Discharge Conveyors - Optional left, right, or dual discharge conveyors provide the ultimate flexibility for feeding applications.
  • Dogleg Style Conveyor
  • Rear Discharge Door - The optional rear discharge door provides an additional means of discharging feed.
  • 2 Speed Gear Box - The 2 speed gear box is used for heavy starts after transporting heavy rations to protect the tractor PTO and mixers drive train.
  • Digi-Star Scale & Feed Management Programs