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Henke/Buffalo Roller Mills

Henke/Buffalo Roller Mills

Built with the operator in mind, Henke Buffalo Roller Mills are easy to adjust, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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Roller Mill Features

Henke/Buffalo Roller Mills
  • Capacities: 700 to over 4500 bushels per hour - among the highest capacity on the market
  • Easy-adjustment lever for setting the rolls for coarse or fine crack
  • Each mill comes with magnets as standard equipment on the inlet hopper to prevent metallic debris from getting into the gain
  • Each mill is available as either a stationary or trailer-mounted unit
  • Trailer-mounted models allow conveniently moving the mill to various processing sites
  • Stationary-mounted models allow permanent installation
  • Rolls are heat-treated to Rockwell C-62 - some of the hardest in the industry
  • Henke Roller Mills come in a wide variety of roll sizes from 18" to 54" in length
  • Discharge choices include: elevator, belt or blower
  • 24" wide discharge belt conveyor moves the processed grain away quickly and works well for filling trench silos
  • Elevator discharge moves the milled grain up for discharge into a wagon, etc.
  • Blower discharge model is available for cracking high-moisture shell corn and blowing it into vertical silos
  • Easy access shields for ease in service and maintenance
  • Standard one-to-one ratio drive produces a finished product with minimum fines; optional differential drive is also available for a finer rolled finished product
  • Two-high mills are available featuring coarse-corrugated top rolls and fine-corrugated bottom rolls to allow for additional particle size reduction