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Hyundai R35Z-9A Compact Excavator

Hyundai R35Z-9A Compact Excavator

Hyundai 9A series compact excavators bring big power to small spaces. Each model features a Tier 4 Final engine that provides impressive performance and reduced fuel consumption. You’ll appreciate the hefty power, durability and reliability of these compact machines, along with their ability to work productively in confined spaces.

Net Power:23.7 hp
Operating Weight:8470 lbs.
Max Digging Depth:11' 3"
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Yanmar TIER 4 Final Engine
R35Z-9A features a Tier 4 Final Yanmar 3TNV88F water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel, 3 cylinders in line, direct injection, low emission engine with 23.7 HP (17.7 kW) at 2,200 rpm
Boom Swing
The 9A series machines all feature a boom swing function to improve productivity in confined work spaces.
Dozer Blade
All 9A series excavators feature as standard equipment a large dozer blade that provides added versatility, efficiency and stability.
Zero-Tail Swing
Zero-tail swing excavator allows you greater flexibility when working in narrow urban areas from an alley and indoor to residential and small gardens.


The monitoring system of the R35Z-9A provides the operator with machine status information, including: engine oil pressure lamp, battery charge lamp, engine coolant temperature and a fuel gauge.
Suspension Seat
Hyundai R35Z-9A's adjustable suspension seat, wrist rests, ergonomically designed joysticks and plenty of space help to reduce stress on the operator.
Ergonomic Controls & Switches
The left and right control levers are ergonomically located for convenient access. Pilot operated hand levers are easily accessible for controlling the dozer blade and track extension. Easy-to-access control switches on the left side console improve operating comfort and productivity.
Cab Entry
A tiltable left-side console allows the operator easier access to the cab. A safety lock system is designed to prevent exiting the cab while hydraulic controls are live. When the safety lever and left side console are positioned upright, hydraulic functions are disengaged.


Centralized Lubrication
A centralized lubrication bank is available for faster, easier service and maintenance.
Long-Life Components
9A series excavators were designed with bushings designed for extended lube intervals (250 hrs) & polymer shims (wear resistant, noise reducing), extended-life hydraulic filters (1,000hrs), long-life hydraulic oil (5,000hrs), more efficient cooling systems and integrated preheating systems which extend service intervals, minimize operating costs and reduce machine down time.
Easy Access
The R35Z-9A was built with accessibility in mind. All doors, covers and hoods were built for complete open access. Regular service and maintenance is easy and convenient with the R35Z-9A.
Durable Cooler
Radiator and oil cooler with square wave and corrugated wave fin design reduce clogging and improved clean out and durability.


Dual-Lock Coupler
The R35z-9A comes equipped with dual locking quick coupler that complies with the latest safety standards and improves the safety when using a coupler with various attachments.
Zero-Turning Radius
The R35Z-9A has a compact design and swings within the width of the tracks which allows for safe swing and maneuverability in tight spaces.
Reinforced Operator's Cab
Hyundai's R35z-9A is tested in accordance with stringent ISO standards. The cab features a reinforced steel pillar design that complies with TOPS (turn over protection system) and FOG (falling object guard) level 1 ISO standards.
Excellent Visibility
Hyundai engineers updated the cab designs to provide more space, a wider field of vision and more operator comfort.

Engine ModelYanmar 3TNV88F
Net Power23.7 hp at 2,200 rpm
Operating Weight8,470 lbs
Swing Speed9.5 rpm
Travel Speed2.5 mph
Overall Cab Height8' 2"
Width of Upper Structure4' 11"
Cab Width3' 5"
Overall Width5' 9"
Tail Swing Radius w/ Counterweight2' 10"
Tumbler Distance5' 7"
Track Length7' 10"
Track Gauge4' 9"
Track Shoe Width1'
Clearance Under Counterweight1' 9"
Ground Clearance11"
Bucket Breakout Force6,170 lbf
Arm Crowd Force4,390 lbf
Working Range
Boom Length8' 2"
Arm Length4' 3"5' 3"
Overall Length15' 9"15' 10"
Max. Digging Reach17' 5"18' 5"
Max. Digging Reach on Ground17' 1"18'
Max. Digging Depth10' 3"11' 3"
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth7' 2"8' 5"
Max. Digging Height15' 9"16' 5"
Max. Dumping Height11' 3"11' 10"
Min. Swing Radius7' 9"7' 8"