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Jay-Lor 5275 Mini TMR Mixers

Jay-Lor 5150 Mini TMR Mixers

Jaylor Mini TMR Mixers have proven themselves ideal for a wide range of applications, including feeding smaller dairies when starting out, and specialty groups such as weaned calves, dry cows, maternity pens, and fresh cows on larger dairy farms. Jay-Lor's Mini TMR mixers are great for supplemental feeding of beef cows during calving. The 5275 model has been specifically designed to process bales up to 4'x5' into a uniform TMR that resists sorting and comes with a complete scale system for accurate weighing.

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Standard Features

Mix Viewing Window
Robust Planetary Drive System
Planetary Gearbox
Welded Mixing Chamber
3-point Weigh System
Adjustable Cast Hitch
Twin Square Cut Augers
#6 PTO 6 Spline with Torque Limiter
2 Restrictor Blades
18 ply Tires with Heavy Duty Hubs
Adjustable Cast Hitch

Optional Features

Discharge Conveyor
Plastic Extension
Safety Chains
STAD 04 Plus2 Indicator Upgrade
WIN SCALE2 Indicator Upgrade
TOP SCALE IC Indicator Upgrade
1" Red LED Remote Cab Display
Weight Repeater 2.4" Red LED Remote Display
XL Alphanumeric 5" Color LED Remote Display
Dina-Tel 2 for Full Display and Control of One or More Indicators
Wi-Net Modem to Attach Wireless Remote Displays
P2P Major Functions Remote
DTM-IC PC Software for Mixer & Feeding Management

Jay-Lor 5275 Mini TMR Trailer Mixer Specifications
Capacity w/o Extension 300 cu ft
Capacity w/ 12" Extension 375 cu ft
Weight (lbs) 6800
Height 83"
Length 212"
Drum Width 76.5"
PTO Speed 540 RPM
Minimum HP 45
Auger Speed 41 RPM
# of Knives 16
Auger Flighting Thickness 1/2"
Max Discharge Height 33"
Door Width 25"
Floor Thickness 1/2"
Drum Wall Thickness 1/4"
Standard Tires 10/75 - 15.3 18 ply (2)
Wheel Assembly Single Straight Axle
Scale System DG500
Engineered Frame 5 years
Weigh System 4 years
Balance of Mixer 1 year