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Kelly Ryan 7' Bagger

Kelly Ryan 7' Bagger
Kelly Ryan offers the only 7' bagger on the market
  • No wheels to move, the machine is always in operating position
  • Tractor positioned in front-center of machine
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  • Self-cleaning tunnel
  • 48" rotor with packing bars with 1” tine caps
  • Cable drums to accommodate 150-ft. bag with some double wrap
  • 1.5" diameter cable drum shaft
  • Mechanically adjustable no-rust chrome brake disc
  • 662 conveyor chain
  • Hydraulic motor driven cross-conveyor
  • American-made RC-160 roller chain drive running in an oil bath
  • 2-15/16" bore tapered TIMKEN main drive bearing
  • Double endplate prevents silage juice from reaching the main rotor bearing
  • New 15" tires


  • Bondioli 2155 Gearbox
    • Same gearbox as on our 8', 9', and 10' baggers
    • Gear ratio 2.42:1
  • Patented "Centerline" Raised Rotor
    • Puts up to 15% more in the bag than bottom pack units
    • Packs more punch from the center, with less H.P., for tighter, more uniform bags of feed
    • Higher quality feed due to more even packing
  • Standard mechanical brake
    • No matter how much the temperature changes, the mechanical brake keeps the tension consistent throughout the bagging process.
  • Hydraulic cable rewind
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Cables for 200' bag