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Kelly Ryan Centerline Pro Bagger

Kelly Ryan Centerline Pro Bagger
With apron speeds of up to 20' per minute, trucks unload fast!
  • New two-piece Centerline Pro
  • Hydraulic platform/beater drive
  • Apron speeds up to 20' per minute for fast truck unload
  • Self-cleaning tunnel means no need for tunnel clean out
  • Bagger and platform are individually wheeled for portability
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  • 100” rotor with 92 packing bars
    • Puts up to 15% more in the bag than bottom-pack units
    • Packs more punch from the center, with less H.P., for tighter, more uniform bags of feed
    • Higher quality feed due to more even packing
  • Self-cleaning tunnel
  • 14" cable drums with single-wrap cables for up to 200' bag
  • 2" diameter cable drum shaft
  • American-made RC-160 roller chain main roller drive
  • 3-7/16" bore tapered TIMKEN roller bearing on drive and idler end
  • Dual mechanical brake calipers
  • Bag lift with cradle
  • Dual 667X pintle apron chains
    • Provides positive load movement
  • Hydraulic cable rewind
  • 2" double endplate
    • Prevents silage juice from reaching the main motor bearing
  • Remote grease bank for all rotor bearings
  • Four-port hydraulic quick connect makes setup easy
  • On-board hydraulic jack make it easy to convert to operating position
  • Self-contained hydraulic system with 55-gallon reservoir
  • 100" patented Centerline raised packing rotor
  • Bondioli 2201 Gearbox
    • 540 rpm, 1000 rpm PTO
    • Same gearbox as 12' Centerline, rated at 150 horsepower


  • Hydraulic brake with hand pump and gauge