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North American Implements 4-N-1 Bucket

North American Implements 4-N-1 Bucket

The NAI 4-N-1 Bucket attachment is versatile yet durable for your skid steer jobs. It's ideal for grappling, dozing, backfilling, loading, digging and fine grading. The protected cylinders are 2.5" x 8" stroke on the Heavy Duty Buckets and are 3" x 8" stroke on the Extreme Buckets. The Heavy Duty Buckets come with a ¾" x 6" and 1/2" x 4" cutting edges at ground points. The Extreme Buckets come with 3/4" x 6" cutting edges at all ground points.

All buckets are built from A-36 steel and has 1 1/4" pins with internal grease fittings at all pivot points.

  • 2.5" bore x 8" stroke cylinder on Heavy Duty 4-N-1 Bucket
  • 3" bore x 8" stroke cylinder on Extreme 4-N-1 Bucket
  • Internal grease fittings at every pivot point
  • Optional weld on shanks with pin on teeth
  • Sizes 60" - 96"
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