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Patriot Equipment Creep Feeders

Patriot 150bu Creep Feeder
The most innovative creep feeder on the market, with spring loaded creep gates and jack assisted feed gates. Creep feeder can be hauled while full.
  • 150 Bushel
  • 7,000 Lb. capacity
  • Single Axle Creep feeds aprox. 75 head.
  • Fat cattle aprox. 50 head
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Patriot Creep Feeder
Gates up & lid closed. Rain guards are optional.
Patriot Creep Feeder
Spring loaded gates for easy setup.
Patriot Creep Feeder
Patriot Creep Feeder
Designed to allow filling while creep gates are in the upright position.
Patriot Creep Feeder
Agitator spins and sends more feed through the feed gate.
Patriot Creep Feeder
Tongue and Axle allow you to haul Patriot Creep Feeders full of feed.
Patriot Creep Feeder
Creep Gate Height Adjustment BarCreepFeeder
Patriot Creep Feeder
Optional rain guards
Patriot 150 bushel Creep Feeder