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Advantage Creep Feeders

Patriot 150bu Creep Feeder
Creep feeding calves—made better! Advantage Feeders is revolutionizing the creep feeding industry with their patented self limiter. What this means for you... your calves will weigh more, but your feed costs will stay the same. (Often, the feed costs goes down.) Another bonus of the Advantage feeder ease of setup, easiest on the market! Well built, galvanized, stainless steel trough. Quality products that will save you time and money.
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1. Sight Glasses

Large sight glasses on both ends

2. Strong Roof Pivots

The roof pivot has a solid lug welded to a channel to withstand robust use

3. Adhjuster Guard Housing

The Adjuster Guard can be housed under the weather protection to prevent it being lost when not in use.

4. Upper Adjuster Handles (Inset top left)

  • Notch and dot system provides consistent settings when set by multiple users
  • The leverage of the 0.2" thick handle allows the Upper Adjuster to be moved in small accurate increments
  • The nyloc nut locking system makes it much faster to reposition the Upper Adjuster
  • Adjustments are made from the end of the feeder, alleviating the need to kneel down
  • Feeders require less cleaning because clumps of built-up feed can be removed by fully opening the upper adjuster

5. Side Wall Gutters

Side lower wall gutters prevent moisture from running into the feed area

6. Height Pins

Chassis designed so the feeding height can be easily changed to suit all types of livestock on 1200HD, 2500HD, and 5300HD.

7. Stainless Steel Feed Area

Reinforced stainless steel troughs and adjusters

8. Adjustable Fork Guides

Large 8"x4" adjustable fork guides make moving the feeder safe and easy

9. Retractable Roof

Retractable roof provides rain protection

10. Strong Bracing

Rain protection bracing increases the weather protection strength

11. Cleaning Tool

Cleaning tool and tube wrench are stored where stock can't access them

12. Spring Latch

Spring clips allow the Adjuster Guards to be easily removed and replaced for cleaning

13. Deep Troughs

5" deep troughs prevent waste. Designed for front end loader use.

14. Adjuster Guards

Adjuster Guards stop stock bull-dozing feed out

15. Six Adjuster Braces

6x Adjuster Braces with dual tabs to prevent stock forcing access to additional feed

16. Hot Gal Dipped Skids

2x hot gal dipped skids provide superior longevity

More Features

  • Add-ons including Creep Gates for cattle, Creep Panels for sheep and Mineral Attachments
  • Weather protection reduces the frequency of cleaning
  • User guide and volume stickers make feeders easy to use
Stationary Creep Feeders
Volume (bu) 4.25 24 51 108 160
Feeder Weight (lbs) 70 420 750 930 1270
Feed Weight - wheat/corn 250 lbs 0.7 tons 1.5 tons 3.3 tons 4.9 tons
Feed Weight - barley/pellets 250 lbs 0.6 tons 1.3 tons 2.8 tons 4.1 tons
Feed Weight - oats 220 lbs 0.5 tons 1.1 tons 2.3 tons 3.4 tons
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2'6" x 1'6" x 2'4" 4' x 5'5" x 4'9" 8' x 5'5" x 4'9" 8' x 5'5" x 7'1" 8' x 8' x 8'6"
Calves/Feeder 50 50 50 50
Mobile Creep Feeders
Volume (bu) 51 160
Feeder Weight (lbs) 1100 1500
Feed Weight - wheat/corn 1.5 tons 4.9 tons
Feed Weight - barley/pellets 1.3 tons 4.1 tons
Feed Weight - oats 1.1 tons 3.4 tons
Dimensions (LxWxH) 12' x 5'5" x 4'9" 12' x 8' x 8'6"
Calves/Feeder 50 50
Axle Suspension Yes No
Tire Size 195/55R13 235/75R16