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Art's-Way JR50 & JR75 Grinder Mixers

Art's Way JR50 Grinder Mixer
This all new grinder mixer JR50 and JR75 hammer mill is here to meet your needs. Powerful grinding with 40 four way reversible hammers matched with a 50 or 75 bushel mixing tank make this the grinder mixer for your operation. Keep reading to find out why this grinder mixer is just the right size for you!
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Grinder Mixer Benefits

Line Feeding
With the manually adjustable discharge auger, you can line or bunk feed, unload into a small bulk bin, or feed over fences.
This basic unit is made for the small farmer. We know organic operations, small head facilities, FFA and 4H projects need feed ration management within their budget.
Simple Machine
We have stripped a lot of the extras small operations may not need to make this a unit that is easy to handle.

Grinder Mixer Features and Specifications

Mixing Tank
Art’s Way’s JR Grinder Mixer features either a 50 or 75 bushel mixing tank rated at 1.4 and 2 tons, with a vertical mixing auger, creating a "boiling" action which ensures an even mix of ground feed. Viewing windows allow you to see the tank fill level.
  • Full one-piece 12 inch hammermill
  • 40: 4 way reversible hammers
Due to the JR's small size, you will be able to work in areas that usually aren't accessible with larger farm equipment.The smaller frame fits in tight yards and between buildings.
Efficient Power
With a low 30 hp minimum requirement, the 540 rpm PTO operates the hammermill and mixing tank. One pair of hydraulic connections operates the discharge auger.
Feed Door
The feed control door is manually operated to allow you to choose the discharge speed.
Discharge Auger
The higlight of the JR Grinder Mixer is the unique discharge auger. The discharge auger is easily moved into place manually for bunk or ground feeding, piling, or mixing into a different machine. A locking pin holds it in place.
  • Auger Tube has a 10 inch diameter
  • Horizontal operating arc: 225°
  • Vertical operating arc: +46° to -27° or +60° to -11°
  • 6 feet long
Dust Control
The air system keeps your environment clean without wasting your feed ration.
Hydraulic System
One set of hoses operate the discharge auger
Drive System
Overrunning 540 RPM P.T.O shaft allows for smooth shutdown. 30-100 Horse Power requirement
Supplement Hopper
Easily input your additives through the supplement hopper for ingredients that don't need to be ground. Supplement hopper is 21 inches x 24 inches, with a 7 inch diameter auger.
Scale Indicator
All of our grinders come standard with weigh bars. You may add a WeighTronix Scale Indicator to your unit.
Sturdy Base
The welded frame is built to withstand the wear and tear on a farm. A plated jack stand will allow youo to put the JR series anywhere in your yard. The 10" x 15" 8 ply implement tires allow you to bring your feed to your livestock.
Hammermill Screens
Screens slider into the hammermill to provide the siziing you desire in your feed. Additional screens are available so you are able to grind your desired size
Optional Sizes: 1/8 ", 5/32 ", 3/16 ", 1/4 ", 5/16 ", 3/8 ", 1/2 ", 5/8 ", 3/4 ", 1 ", 1-1/4 ", 1-1/2 ", 2 "

Tank Capacity 50 bushels 75 bushels
PTO Drive 540
HP Requirement 30-100 hp
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
Hammermill Width 26"
Reversible Hammers 40
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12" flighting / 13" tube / 24" base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 8"
Discharge Auger Type Mechanical
Tires 10 x 15 8-ply implement
Supplement Hopper 18" x 18"
Shipping Dimensions
Tank Height 95" 110"
Overall Width 90" 90"
Overall Length 122" 122"
Appro. Weight 2750 lbs 3000 lbs
Ground Clearance 10" 10"

Screen Sizes
ScreenMaterialGrind TypeMicron Size
1/8" 650-700
5/32" Oats, Milo, Corn Fine, Small Grain (Chicken/Pigs) 700-825
3/16" Oats, Milo, Corn, Hay Medium, Small Grain (Chickens, Pigs, more hulls) 800-950
1/4" Oats, Milo, Corn, Hay Coarse, Small Grain (Hogs, Sheep) 925-1100
5/16" Oats, Corn, Hay More Coarse, Small Grain (Hogs, Fine Cattle Feed) 1100-1250
3/8" Corn, Hay, Ear Corn Coarse, Shelled Corn (Cattle Feed, No whole kernels in ear corn 1250-1400
1/2" Ear Corn, Hay Coarse, Ear Corn (Cattle Feed, some whole kernels) N/A
5/8" Ear Corn, Hay More Coarse, Ear Corn (Cattle Feed, some whole kernels) N/A
3/4" Ear Corn, Hay Coarse, High Moisture Ear Corn (Cattle, Nice cob grind but whole) N/A
1" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Medium Bedding) N/A
1-1/4" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Medium Bedding) N/A
1-1/2" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Bedding, Cattle, Uniform Grind) N/A
2" Corn Cobs, Hay Very Coarse (Bedding, Cattle, Uniform Grind) N/A